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      Welcome to Horainox
Welcome to Horainox

Horainox is a leading group of companies in the importation, transformation and commerce of products in stainless steel. 

To better serve our customers and suppliers, we decide to create a dynamic and innovative website. 

You will be able to find interesting work tools that they not only aim at to facilitate the communication as well as to give useful and pertinent information.
Trade bills of current accounts, downloads of quality certificates of the supplied products, technical information, consultations of pending orders and stated periods of delivery, consultations of description of purchases and orders, as well as other functionalities still in development, are some of the possibilities that we intend to facilitate to all our commercial partners.
Register in our website and start to work with us in a faster and simpler way.

For more information please feel free to contact us
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Decorative plates
Exclusive representation of Rimex Metals.

One of the biggest European decorative sheet manufacturers. 
Many finishings, colors and relives.
A paradise for the architecture and modern engineering.


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Polishing and Grinding Pipes Machines
Horainox added to its stainless steel service center two new machines. 2 Machines to grind and polish square tubes, rectangular tubes, flat bars, angles and square bars.

5/2/2008 12:00:00 PM
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